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What a difference a year makes

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

With a strong passion for music and a couple of very “amateur" DJ gigs at private parties, I decided to step up my efforts in becoming a real DJ about 1 year ago. In November 2018, I started taking professional DJ lessons at the #Prodjschool in Amsterdam.

#DJRenvo taught me the basic skills and got me really enthusiastic about developing my skills further. Bitten by the DJ bug, I took the Advanced course and Ricardo (#Governormusic) took it to the next level.

When it was "exam time", I couldn't have been more nervous, as I had to play a half-hour set for the examiner, a very seasoned DJ with 38 years international DJ experience. Nerve-wracking as it was, I did manage to pass. The experienced DJ turned out to be the famous #DJJose and he saw sufficient potential in me to agree becoming my mentor.

Since March this year, I have been doing gigs at private parties, charity events, company events, public events and even music festivals like ADE, Broodrooster and Dream Village. DJ Jose has been unbelievably supportive helping to further develop my technical DJ skills and introducing me into the DJ scene. Thanks to him, I have had some awesome opportunities to perform in my first year as a DJ. He introduced me to wonderful people who have all been very supportive. I even became a Resident DJ at Beats2Dance Radio with my own timeslot at 5pm every Friday.

A very humbling experience as a starting -and at times insecure- DJ. And yes, I did go down in flames at times, but I have also had some kick-ass performances. Every day, I am getting better. There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to make people happy with my music and feel an energetic crowd responding to my set.

A big thank you to my mentor DJ Jose, to my first teachers DJ Renvo and Ricardo, and of course to my most loyal supporters: my family and friends, who always show up at my gigs.

It has been one exciting year!

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